Sections are the Powerful Tool

Using Sections as a Powerful Tool when Customizing Your MOGO Theme

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To demonstrate that MOGO Shopify theme is really of Premium class and one of the best in 2018 let’s reveal some of its functional possibilities. We’ll talk about sections that can provide you with the maximum flexibility in the process of the theme’s customization.

Perfect helpers with the theme customization

Sections can be described as the elements of your theme, which are used to add, change, reorder some pieces of text, videos, collections etc. You can work with these chunks of content inside each section as well as preview your changes in real time. To find out how to add sections to your Shopify theme read this tutorial.

You can either add sections to the theme’s template or to your theme’s homepage. Use section tag to include particular section to a template. The functionality of this tag is similar to include tag for snippets: {% section ‚header‘ %} will add the section placed at sections/header.liquid. There are some additional functional possibilities for the users of MOGO theme.

Upload your images easy with image picker

The image picker setting is very useful due to its power to save visual assets in the Files section of the Shopify store instead of Assets folder of the MOGO theme. When you upload images to the Files section, it helps you to select the images/assets in a quick way. Visual assets do not need to be re-uploaded. Thus, it reduces the time required for switching themes.

Use url setting to make resource referencing simple

Well, let’s imaging that you need to reference your blog article, product, or collection. To do it simply you just need to use url setting. The settings are always updated automatically in the case you change any of the referenced handles.

Work with sections easier with the help of new tabs in Shopify theme editor

As for now there are two new tabs in MOGO theme that will assist you in your work with sections. They are:
  • The Sections tab, which is a tool developed to choose and add available sections for your current theme
  • The General settings tab, which is a tool developed to make big changes to your store as well as sections. They can be changes of background color, text etc.

Use these tips to make your fashion Shopify theme MOGO better!

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